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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's)

Why is having a good credit score important?

Your credit score is a measurement of your overall financial health and creditworthiness. Because your credit is a key piece of your financial identity, it’s crucial to build good credit early on. A poor score can make your biggest financial purchases even more expensive landing you in even more debt and denying your from the help you need to meet your financial goals in life. 

What is the process look like? How fast can I start seeing results? 

With Mike the Credit Champ, you can expect to receive a full credit report analysis and a team that will dispute all inaccurate negative items and that your file is accurate due to the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA). Mike and his team then provide personalized action plan to help you fix your credit. No matter how bad your credit may be, we can show you the steps you need to take to repair it.  Most clients begin to see progress within 30-45 days!

What is Business Credit? Why do I need it? 

Business credit is one of the most valuable business tools you can establish. Business credit allows you to take advantage of the fact that business transactions often involve multiple steps and third parties. The positive statements in your business credit report will allow you to negotiate terms that would otherwise be unavailable or cost too much for a start-up.​

Having access to business credit is the lifeline for a business.Banks, lenders and suppliers rely on business credit reports to assess the creditworthiness of a company. With strong business credit, you create a safety net for your business so you should have no trouble gaining access to the business funding you need while also protecting your personal credit.

  1. You can obtain business financing quicker and easier

  2. You can get better credit and repayment terms with suppliers

  3. You can protect your personal credit score

How do I know if it is really working or not? 

You will receive updates from Mike and his team via email/phone. You also have access to a 24/7 online portal for credit monitoring. 

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